Friday, August 24, 2012

Passing Notes

One day, I came home from work not feeling very upbeat or happy.  I was over tired, over stressed and depressed.  I had been working a lot of hours I'm not used to, my normal everyday life hadn't slowed down or demanded any less of me just because I was working and I was missing my husband, who had recently switched shifts causing us to not see or talk to each other.  While I was sleeping, John was watching the kids and getting the house cleaned for me so I would wake up to a nice clean house.  When I woke up, I found a folded up piece of paper next to my pillow.  It was a note from John.  I smiled as I imagined him sneaking into my bedroom while I was sleeping to leave a note for me to find when I woke up.

As I read it, my smile got bigger...

To my one and only love,
These past few weeks have been crazy.  I have been lost in thought and you have been running around and thinking about this job.
We have been so out of it that we have not been to the garage for reconnection in a while.  I want to get this life back on track.  First I want to start with our Dd lifestyle and get back on track with that.  I want a membership to the gym and I wast us to use it three times a week.  I want to start getting out of this house  go to the park hell anywhere, walk, let kids play.  I want my wife to be happy again.  I want her to lose some weight so she can be happy with herself again (I have been depressed a lot lately about my added weight, John likes it but it bothers me so he is allowing me to lose weight but I'm not allowed to get below a certain weight which is higher than what I was when I met him).  Hell I want to lose some too.  I know this new schedule is going to be hard but we can make it work and the extra money will help us get to where we want to be.  I love you and miss your smile.

Well on a diff note you are always asking about my fantasies so I will try to lighten you.

He then went on to write one of his fantasies which he kindly snuck back in our room to read to me and then we reconnected in a different way.

I thought this was sweet and wanted to share it with you.


  1. That *is* sweet. I am glad you were able to connect in a creative way. :)

  2. Very sweet Suzie. That's a lovely way to wake up!

  3. I love that he had to sneak in to leave it for you. What a good guy!

  4. How sweet Suzie! What a good husband he is!

  5. Aww, very sweet Suzie, Lovely way to wake up :)

  6. Thanks or sharing. That was really sweet.

  7. Awww thats sooo sweet and thoughtful!